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Copyright 2021 - Content EKONIT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Company EKONIT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. was established in order to supply the technical materials companies in various industries. For many years we have support and technical advice .

From the beginning, we are focused on fulfilling the expectations of customers. Our goal is to establish a permanent relationship with each client , through the implementation of its needs for the supply of goods of the highest quality and technical advice .

Acting on the market for several years, we develop such schemes and mechanisms of work that allow us to operate efficiently, quickly and efficiently. Due to the continuous improvement of knowledge and gradually expanding the range of products and services. Today , we have a wide assortment of goods and services known domestic and foreign manufacturers . By learning new production methods , new technologies and new ways of doing things , we can offer a wide range of goods and services. Technical materials for the industry that we meet all applicable standards and have valid certificates .

The biggest asset of the company EKONIT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.  is a fast and efficient operation and flexibility in meeting customers' needs . We have achieved this by setting the implementation of specific and individual requirements posed before us recipient. We guarantee continuity and timeliness of delivery even at low procurement unit .

As a result, we can be proud that we have among our customers that work with us for many years. We care about our customers because , as it would 've been happy to work with us and that the ordered products have reached to the customer on time. The customer maximum benefit and we can continue to operate in the market and grow.

We are happy to take care of every request and order , ensuring that the result of our mutual cooperation procentował in favor of both parties. We know that only high quality , reliability and timeliness of delivery are guarantee of our and your success !