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Company EKONIT is manufactures elements milled, turned, cut out using numerically controlled machines. We produce elements black steel type ST as well as steells and 304 stainless steel up to 60 HRC in terms of turning and milling. Textolite engineering plastics, nylon, PTFE, polyethylene we mill to CNC milling plotter. We have extensive experience in the aluminum components. We also welded constructions of stainless steel: brackets, handles, assembly tables.

Our works are made based on the latest versions of software from Siemens - SolidEdge and NXCAM. The flexibility and experience we detail prototype and large production runs. The use of 3D design software allows us to quickly and accurately on performance element models which are then performed on existing CNC machines. The flexibility and extensive experience of our team allows the production of a short series of prototypes as well as production